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Candid Wedding Photography Services

Candid Photographers specializes in producing an award winning contemporary bridal portrait with our team of bridal photographers. Our basic work on wedding photography takes place in Chennai and all over Tamil Nadu. We create high quality professional photographs according to the best standards. The photograph of a marriage or a civil partnership is not simple; it requires skill, patience and above all involvement.

Candid Photographers is driven with a fascination for perfection and refuses to coerce by convention. For your bridal photographic coverage, we are proud to use the best technology for shooting and editing your images. We capture your wedding with the latest dSLR cameras. Our current camera bodies are the remarkable Canon EOS-1D X and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III that carry truly amazing images in all lighting conditions with an incredible level of detail. Our lenses are the "L" models and premium "Premium" models for the best photo results in optical clarity.

Having the best technology at the camera is only part of what is needed to properly photograph your wedding. You need an experienced candid photographer - this is where the AMD Photography team excels. We have been attending weddings for almost two decades and we are fully qualified in MPA and at several awards. You can be assured of an experienced company that takes care of your treasured and precious memories.

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